Board Director
. Purpose: A Board Director is an integral part of growth, direction and focus of every
    aspect within the organization.
. Position: Holds a critical position on the Board (i.e: Vice President, Volunteer Coordinator.)
. Monthly Responsibility: monthly meetings, yearly fundraiser's, yearly events, monthly
    leadership at the food kitchen, and a $60 contribution each month.
. Voting: Complete ability to vote for decision-making and organization development.


Board Member
. Purpose: A Board Member is a key participant in the success of Adams harbor
    and assists with the leadership of the Food Kitchen in Los Angels.
. Monthly Responsibility: Assists in leading the food kitchen (once a month), and $60 Contribution
. Voting: Inability to vote, but invited to attend meetings.


Premier Member
. Purpose: A Premier member is an individual(s) or Organization(s) who contribute to the development
     and growth of Adams harbor.
. Recognition/ Awarded: With deep gratitude to exceptional support of Premier Members,
    Acknowledgement for generous yearly donations will be publicized on the Adams Harbor
    website year-round. Premier Members will also be granted free admission to
    all fundraising events. In addition Premier Members Shall be made invited and made
    aware of all Adams Harbor events.
. Contribution: $500 + a year
. Voting: Inability to vote.


Adams Harbor Angel
. Purpose: An Adams Harbor Angel is an individual who contributes to the vision of Adams Harbor.
. Recognition/ Awarded: With many thanks to outstanding support of an publicized on the Adams Harbor website year-round     Adams Harbor events, and will be asked to volunteer whenever possible.
. Contribution: $25-$400 a year
. Voting: Inability to vote.